Post Turkey Thoughts

Well November has come and gone and there is much more still to get done before the end of the semester. With special events occurring non-stop, new staff hires, staff trainings and positions changing, Jason and I still managed to find time to attend Region II and the Athletic Business Conference. A huge shoutout to all of our listeners that reached out to Jason and I during our time at the conferences. We truly enjoyed speaking with you and hearing that you plan on implementing some of the information that was presented in our discussions.

For those of you that were at Region II I hope you enjoyed Birmingham, AL and had the opportunity to network and learn from each other. I know Jason had a blast interviewing Mr. Sean Willet who serves on the NIRSA Financial Committee, but his main job is serving as the Assistant Director for Intramurals and Club Sports at Georgia Southern University Armstrong Campus or is it Armstrong Campus at Georgia Southern? Checkout the latest episode with Sean and Jason and your are sure to get my reference. Jason and I both went to school with Sean and so we knew he would be an excellent first time guest to have on the show and he just has a perfect voice for podcasting or even the radio. Sean takes some time share his personal experiences, transitioning and merging institutions as well as the concepts surrounding the financial committee. While listening to the podcast you might hear some background noise, but thats because it was done live at Region II.

If you have questions for Sean and or anything that was mentioned throughout the podcast be sure to reach out to him

Coinciding with that the campus rec crew at Georgia Southern Armstrong Campus are some of the greatest campus rec professionals and people you will ever meet, so don’t be afraid to reach out to any of there staff members on their website. (Shout out to Megan Feasel, Jason Salzer, Leigh Fouts & Derick Hurst).

Regarding the Athletic Business Conference it was pretty awesome. There was an abundance of equipment to test, some great sessions as well as some amazing people from all over. This was my first time attending the Athletic Business Conference and my reason for doing so was in order to look at some new equipment for our upcoming facility. I did not get to experience the conference as I would have liked because the majority of my days were booked with vendor meetings for breakfast, lunch and dinner. On the plus side Ryan and I did not have to pay for much because all of the reps did an amazing job taking care of us (Octane, Precor, Hydromassage and many more).

However, whenever I attend a conference I am always looking to meet new people and grow my professional network. On this trip I had the opportunity to speak with not only campus recreation professionals, but private business owners as well. ABC setup a first time attendees social at the conference center and while sitting at a table introducing ourselves I had someone say to me, “Your Tommy from the Campus Rec Podcast, I recognize your voice!” I couldn’t help but to laugh at the thought that without even seeing me listeners can recognize me due to my voice. That person was the wonderful Caroline Dotts, Associate Director for Healthy Lifestyle Programs at Georgia Tech University. Ironically, Caroline had also met Jason at Region II then made the quick turn around to come and attend the Athletic Business Conference. We sat down and discussed the Campus Rec Podcast for a while and she was even nice enough to let me take a photo with her to post on our Instagram page. For those of you that don’t know Georgia Tech has an excellent recreation program as well as excellent facilities to match it.

For those of you that are looking to broaden your social networks and you have not attended the Athletic Business Conference I highly suggest attending in the future.

I also had the opportunity to meet with Heidi Cleary the Director of Corporate Relations for NIRSA as well as Simon Bravo the Director of Communications to discuss a possible partnership with NIRSA and the Campus Rec Podcast. Jason and I are still trying to figure out the overall direction of the podcast as its original intent was just to create an outlet to have fun, discuss campus recreation and share ideas so that we might all become more well rounded individuals in our respective fields. We hope to see this partnership grow in the future in order to provide more learning opportunities for all or our listeners.

I hope everyone had a wonderful break from work over the holidays and was able to spend time with family and friends. I know I ate way too much and gained way too much weight over the holidays, but staying active or jumping in a couple group fitness classes should take care of that. With the holidays in mind be sure to check back for a special Hanukkah/ Christmas gift from Jason and I that should provide some joy for each of you over the coming winter break.

Also we had a first topic submission come through and Jason and I are extremely excited to begin the process of diving into this for our next podcast. Don’t forget to submit your own topic submission for future podcast.

Until Next Time, “Keep Listening to Keep Learning.”