“Why not create a Podcast for Campus Rec!?” — TOMMY WILLIS


The Idea Is Born:

I was in my car driving to work one day listening to my regular podcast when I decided to change it up and see if there were any Higher Education Podcast. After looking around and listening to a couple different ones my curiosity took me in the direction of searching for a Campus Recreation Podcast, which eventually turned up with nothing. Then it dawned on me, “Why not create a Podcast for Campus Rec!?” After sharing the idea with some of my colleagues I wasn’t sure where to start or even how to begin a podcast in general.

However, I begin to write down some topics of discussion and what I thought some of the goals for podcast should be. Then one day while Jason and I were hanging out at a bar in Lexington, where all great ideas begin, I shared my thoughts on creating a Campus Rec Podcast. From then on for the rest of the evening we talked about nothing else except for the creation of the Campus Rec Podcast.

I won’t bore you with all of the details, but a decent amount of work has been poured into this idea between Jason and myself. We began by establishing a domain, creating topics, familiarizing ourselves with web design and audio editing software. Throughout the process we have made some mistakes, but kept pushing through. I would like to give a special shout out to our significant others for helping to design the logo as well as assisting with web design.

We aren’t sure if this podcast will actually go anywhere or if people will even listen, but our hope is that we can continue to provide a fun, inviting and educational environment for learning about all things Campus Recreation. We hope to continue to see this podcast grow and serve students and professionals in our field.

Don’t forget that these are the first podcast of many so we should get better as the process goes along (emphasis on should), but most importantly to us is that we enjoy ourselves while we discuss each topic. So throughout each podcast you will probably hear us cracking jokes, laughing in the background and having fun. Because to us that’s what it’s all about.

Be sure to check out the first two podcast “Back to School” & “Esports.”