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Thanks again for checking to see whats new on our blog page. The academic semester is in full swing and we have been working hard in and outside of the classroom to provide our students some amazing opportunities. With that said, Jason and I had the opportunity to attend KIRSA 2018 (Kentucky Intramural Recreation Sports Association) held at the famous Wild Cat school The University of Kentucky! They recently finished a new satellite facility called Alumni Gym Fitness Center as well as new student union located off Limestone Street in downtown Lexington. The Gatton Student Center held a grand opening celebration on August 31st featuring a few remarks and a Coke toast. The festivities included a DJ, performances by student organizational groups, free food, giveaways and a Ben Sollee concert. The $200 million, 378,000-square-foot facility is a wonderful mix of the traditional, featuring social steps, and high tech spaces for students and visitors.

Be sure to check out the Gatton website for more information:

Other than the amazing Student Center those in attendance at the KIRSA conference were able to tour the newly renovated Alumni Gym, which connects directly to the Gatton Student Center. The facility was originally built in 1924 and was home to over 200 UK basketball games before moving to Memorial Coliseum. The facility now includes a free weight area, cardio equipment, functional training space, group fitness classes, cycling classes, personal training, shower facilities, equipment check out, TV functionality on cardio equipment, bluetooth wireless capabilities and amazing two story windows all within the 30,000-square-foot facility.

Be sure to check out the Alumni Gym online for more information:

The KIRSA Conference itself was an amazing experience. Professionals and students from all over (even outside KY) came together for two days of networking and development through activities and presentations. Some presentations that Jason and I attended and found to be beneficial are listed below…

  • 100 likes or Your Dream Position?! Creating YOUR Professional Social Media Presence

    • By: Ryan Fisher, Assistant Director of Facilities and Member Services at Eastern Kentucky University

      MAIN IDEA: Brand YOU through the use of social media by creating the following- 1. Your Image 2. Your Mission 3. Your Values 4. Your Vision

  • ASTP Alcohol Skills Training Program

    • By: Mark Lattin, Director, Club Sports and Outdoor Pursuits, University of Kentucky

      MAIN IDEA: (There’s a lot of math involved), but seriously ASTP is a proven evidence based program in the reduction of alcohol risk for young adults. Working with the dean of students office you can develop a clear concept for assisting students in understanding the facts about alcohol that are usually misinterpreted. (For example the time frame of sobering up, as well as how we handle alcohol and how it is dependent upon social settings).

  • Marketing with a small staff to a large population

    • By: Lindsey Woods, Membership and Marketing Director & Bridget Tuckey, Marketing Program Assistant, University of Kentucky

      MAIN IDEA: You have to be specific, critical and clear to those that you are marketing for (i.e. students, faculty and staff). How the ideas are presented are just as important as the event itself. For example, students might want to know more about the activities and free stuff for an event, while the older staff members are looking for what the cost is and how much do they save. For those that are looking to organize a marketing staff there are technological avenues that can assist, such as Hootsuite, Asana and Trello.

The KIRSA Conference saw over 80 individuals in attendance, which made it one of the highest attend state workshops.

Be sure to checkout the KIRSA 2018 website for more information:

Other Announcements:

  1. A huge shoutout to REGION II for highlighting the Campus Rec Podcast in the email to all in attendance.

  2. Jason will be at REGION II interviewing Sean Willet from Armstrong State University regarding NIRSA Finances November 5th-7th. Be sure to send Jason a email at if you want to setup a time to meet or chat.

  3. I will be at the Athletic Business Show this year November 7th-9th if you would like to sit and chat with me be sure to send a message at

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